What is Cat Grass and How Does It Benefit Your Feline Friends?

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Cat grass, why do cats love it? What makes a cat purr at the scent of cat grass?

It's a known wilderness instinct for a cat to often graze on grass after eating their prey. The grass acts as a fiber to help digest their food and in some cases helps in expelling parts that are indigestible. This process is also similar in the case of domestic house cats. Cat grass is a safer and healthier alternative to outdoor grass which could be toxic or unsafe due to the use of chemicals and pesticides. 

What is Cat Grass?

Cat grass is also commonly known as wheatgrass. There are two main types of wheatgrass used - hard red or soft spring. Organic hard red wheat is recommended for cat grass.

An indoor cat grass plant could provide a safer environment for a cat to enjoy this delicious snack as well as provide many useful traits.


Including a cat grass salad in the dietary mix is a great way to help speed up digestion due to the excess fiber. If you notice your cat eating lots of grass it could be an indication that your cat is missing fiber in their diet.

Fur Balls

House cats tend to spend most of their day grooming themselves which can lead to fur balls. Eating cat grass can help in the digestion of fur balls and can even induce vomiting to help cough out the hairball which could be upsetting your cat's stomach.


In the more extreme cases that a cat may have ingested something unpleasant, having an indoor cat grass garden will come in handy. Let's face it, our cats will get into anything they can get their paws on and sometimes its not the best thing for their digestive systems. A cat grass garden will give the cat an accessible option to help induce vomiting to expel any potential toxins a cat may have ingested.

Be sure to get organic cat grass like this indoor cat grass kit to ensure the safest consumption!

Written by Max Mak


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