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Microgreens Salad Mix Kit: The Fan Favourite Indoor Garden Grow Kit

Our Grow Your Own Microgreens Salad Mix Kit is one of our all-time best sellers! And for good reason.... it brings together some amazing miniature vegetable greens that are a delicious addition to any salad or meal (like Peas, Fava Beans, Buckwheat, and Sunflower Shoots) and it's flavour profile is incredible :)

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How to Harvest and Store Your Microgreens and Wheatgrass

You've germinated your seeds and they've grown into a luscious forest of microgreens. Congratulations! Now what? Harvesting your microgreens effectively and at the right time plays an important part in maintaining a healthy and tasty microgreen batch. Check out our tips on how to best harvest and store your microgreens!

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What Are Microgreens? A Summary of Everything You Need To Know

This article aims to answer a number of common questions about microgreens and growing them indoors! What are microgreens? Are microgreens difficult to grow indoors? How can microgreens be used? What are the health benefits of microgreens? How many times can you harvest microgreens? Do they regrow? What materials do you need to grow microgreens at home?

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