How to Harvest and Store Your Microgreens and Wheatgrass

harvesting your wheatgrass and microgreens

You've germinated your seeds and they've grown into a luscious forest of microgreens. Congratulations! Now what? Harvesting your microgreens effectively and at the right time plays an important part in maintaining a healthy and tasty microgreen batch. 

Taste Test Your Microgreens 

Once your microgreens have germinated and started growing tall, feel free to give them a taste every few days to ensure their maximum flavor potential as well as texture. Don't be afraid to get into your new batch of microgreens and give it a taste test before you decide to finally harvest them.

To better improve your yields, take notes on your watering patterns and environmental factors such as temperatures and sunlight in your house. Are they sitting in direct or indirect sunlight? Have you been watering once or twice per day? etc. Understanding the microgreens optimal growing environment and routine will improve your yield, flavor and help you determine optimal harvest time.

Harvesting and Cleaning

You've tasted your microgreens and now you want to harvest, and potentially even want to store some for later. The trick here is to use sharp scissors or knives to trim the microgreens. Using a sharp harvesting tool will ensure that you won't cause bruising or tearing which can affect the flavor. Have a cool, damp towel nearby to place your trimmings down onto. And when you've completely harvested them, dip the cut ends into cool water and place them on the damp towel, ensuring they aren't overlapping each other to prevent them from crushing each other. Keeping the microgreens consistently cool is important as it keeps the flavor and crunch intact so you want to work swiftly when cleaning the microgreens.


Proper storage is key to a lasting, flavorful microgreen. Find a container or sealed bag that will fit the microgreens and keep the microgreens between a cool damp towel. This layering will keep the microgreens fresh for up to a week in the refrigerator. Keep them sealed up until you use them and you will have a delicious, crunchy, vibrant microgreen to use as a garnish or any salad pairing!


Written by Max Mak


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