Caring For Your Concrete Planters

caring for your concrete planters taking into consideration temperature, cleaning, and watering! An Urban Minimalist article by Max Mak

Concrete planters are a great addition to any home or office, from adding an accent colour indoors or adding some rustic elements to an outdoor patio. This timeless garden accessory is a must have for any minimal setting, but not without some proper care. 

1. Temperature

Noting where you keep your planter is important in maintaining the durability and integrity of your concrete planter. In colder or freezing environments, concrete will expand. Leaving your concrete planter outside or by a windowsill during a cold winter can increase the chances of your planter forming cracks, splits, or even breakage. The moisture in your soil can also freeze and expand which can also lead to cracks in the concrete. Ensuring that your planter is placed in a warm environment can increase its lifespan and ensure its utility for many seasons to come.

2. Cleaning

Thorough cleaning between grows will also help maintain the quality of your planter. For the exterior of the planter, use a soft towel with warm soapy water to clean the planter and avoid using anything with hard bristles or steel wool which can cause abrasions or unwanted marks on the exterior of the planter. You can use a stiffer brush to scrub the interior to access the micro-pores in the planter to ensure a thorough clean. Regular cleaning of your planter will not only improve the longevity of the planter but will also help your plants grow much healthier.

3. Watering

Concrete by nature is a porous material which allows for water to run through the soil quicker than other materials. Many untreated concrete planters run the risk of the soil drying faster than expected due to the porous nature of the concrete. We at Urban Minimalist use a special mix of concrete that cures with a surface finish and then we soak and seal the concrete using a silicon-based sealant that helps reduces the absorbency of the concrete. This ensures that your plants are getting the water it needs to grow strong and healthy and helps protect the concrete from sun stains.

Taking the time to maintain your concrete planter may seem unexciting but you will be happy with the outcome for many years to come.

Written by Max Mak


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